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Choosing frames for laser safety glasses

As well as ensuring the correct lens is picked to protect the eyes, it’s important for the glasses to be comfortable; otherwise you may end up sore, may not use them when you should or will end up having to purchase another pair.


The universal fit / fitover style have side shields which improves visibility and cuts down on obstructed viewing. The side shields also protect from peripheral laser radiation. Fitover / Universal Fit: The most popular frames are the "fitover" style as these are a universal fit that works well with or without prescription glasses underneath. Also the extra space between the eye lash and the lenses avoids smearing which often happens with the closer wrap around styles. 

Modern / Wraparound: The wrap around style provides a more modern look that fits close to the eye for those that want to look good while wearing the glasses.

Prescription insert laser glasses.  If you are wanting prescription lenses fitted into the laser glasses then glasses with a removeable Rx insert are a good option.  The Rx insert can be taken into an optician to have your standard prescription fitted which then clips into the laser glasses.


Many frames come with the option of adjustable legs and head straps which allow the frame to fit securely to various head sizes. Make sure this is an option for glasses that will be used by multiple people.

Durability & Warranty: 

Durability is also an important consideration when choosing laser glasses as lower quality glasses may break quickly needing to be replaced. Normally it is the frames that break first usually because the frame material is rigid/brittle or designed in a way that leaves the frame weaker such as with some of the more modern styles. Some frames also use a more rubbery flexible material which tends to significantly improve the lifetime. The frames usually come with a 12 month or 24 month warranty. The later normally signifies a better longer lasting frame.

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