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Choosing Laser Eye shields for patients and clients

There are many different things to be considered when choosing laser eye shields for clients or patients.

The first thing to consider is how close access is needed around the eye or face area.  Some eye shields sit within the eye socket such as the IS-015 and others sit outside of the socket such as the IS-014.  The laser eye shields that sit within the socket allow closer access around the eye area however due to sitting within the socket are slightly less comfortable for the client compared to the ones that sit over the socket.

Some eye shields also have move-able nasal pieces and sides such as the Durette IV laser eye shields.  This allows easy access between the eyebrows and other areas around the face. 

Durability is also a consideration.  Laser eye shields can be produced in different ways with some of them being stronger and more durable than others.  For example the IS-015 laser eyeshields have a virtually unbreakable frame that comes with a lifetime warranty.  

Replacement parts.  When buying laser eye shields its useful to consider how easy it is to get spare parts as the straps will often break with usage or the rims or nasal pieces might need replaced.

Lastly it is important to ensure that they are tested to the relevant Australian and New Zealand laser safety standards with the correct markings on the eyewear.

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