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Cleaning Laser Safety Glasses

We are often asked about the best practice for cleaning laser safety glasses.  The answer to this depends on the particular type of lenses that are used in the laser safety eyewear.  

Polycarbonate lenses are the most popular type used in laser glasses.  Polycarbonate lenses typically have a wavelength absorbent dye that goes all the way through the lenses which reduces the risk of the effectiveness of the glasses being hindered by cleaning.  They do however often have a coating of the surface to help protect them from scratches.  Due to this coating it is not recommended to use bleach as this may damage the surface of the lens. Instead warm soapy water should be used or alcohol wipes.

For lenses that use filter glass material such as the LG-080 and LG-080N Holmium laser safety glasses the best practice is also to use warm soapy water or alcohol wipes.  Bleach is best avoided as it may remove the specifications written on the lenses.

Lastly some specialist laser safety glasses use a wavelength specific coating on the surface to provide the protection.  This type requires care not to remove the coating on the front surface of the lens during cleaning.  It is advisable to contact the manufacturer or supplier for specific cleaning instructions on this type of laser eyewear.

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