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Combined Radiation Holmium Laser Safety Glasses

The LG-090N-RAD combine protection from radiation as well as Holmium 2100 nm and CO2 10600nm lasers in a single unit.

Laser Specifications

Wavelengths & Optical Density (Marked on Glasses)

2100nm OD 5+ (Holmium Laser) - (OD at 2100nm 5.6)
10600 OD 6+ (CO2 Laser)

L-Ratings (Marked on Glasses)

2100 + 10600 DI LB4

Laser Wavelengths: 2100 nm , 10600 nm 

Radiation Specifications

The LG-090N-RADS radiation Protection glasses have standard 0.75mm lead equivalency Schott SF-6 HT glass lenses, providing radiation protection from 70 to 120 Kvp. Note, leaded glass eyewear is designed for professional radiation protection use only and not intended for use in potentially high impact environments activity.

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