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Erbium laser safety goggles to go over prescription glasses

The LG-014 Erbium laser safety goggles work well with or without prescription glasses underneath. There large lens size and adjustable legs makes them suitable to be worn over almost all prescription glasses.  They are fully certified to Australian laser safety standards with L ratings written on the glasses and have an optical density of  6+ at 2940nm and 5+ at 2780nm.

More information on the LG-014 Erbium laser safety goggles can be found via the below link.

Full specifications for the LG-014 are shown below:

2940nm - OD 6+

2780nm OD 5+

10,600nm (10.6micron) - OD 5+

190-398nm - OD 5+

Visible Light Transmission - 93%

CE L-Ratings180-315 D L8
180-390 IR L4
>315-390 D L4
2780-2940 DI L2
10600 DI L2

If you have any questions regarding fitover laser safety goggles for Erbium or any other lasers feel free to contact us on 1300 411 337 or email us at