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IPL Safety Glasses Shade Levels Explained

IPL machines output a broadband of energy in the visible and infrared parts of the spectrum. How dark IPL safety glasses are to look through is directly proportional to the level of protection they give.  

To categorise IPL Glasses. They are specified in three shade levels.  

Shade 2 is the lightest shade level which allows through 15% of visible light.  These have relatively high visibility however a corresponding lower level of protection than the other shade levels.

Shade 2 Glasses:

Shade 3 allows through 7% of visible light and are the most popular shade level as they provide a balance between visibility and protection.

Shade 3 Glasses:

Shade 5 transmit 2% of visible light and therefore a too dark for practical use by the operator.  They are often used when visibility is not important by the person wearing them. 

Shade 5 Glasses:

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