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IPL Safety Goggles Universal Fit Australia

The LG-011 IPL safety goggles provide protection over the 190 to 1200 nm range used in IPL machines.  They are a shade 3 level providing a balance of protection and visibility.  They work well with or without prescription glasses underneath and the clearance between the eye and the lens stops smears on the lenses from  eyelashes therefore reducing the need to clean and helping visibility.

The LG-011 IPL Goggles have adjustable lens and come with an adjustable headstraps allowing them to fit most head sizes.

More information on the LG-011 can be found via the below link.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 1300 411 337 or email us at

LG-011 IPL Safety Glasses Australia - 190 - 1200 nm - Universal Fit | Australia (