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Laser hair removal goggles

To establish the best laser hair removal goggles for your equipment you first need to establish the wavelength of your machine.  Laser hair removal systems normally operate at either 808 nm , 810 nm , 755 nm or 1064 nm.  You can find the laser wavelength either in the user manual under specifications or on the warning label normally located near the laser output.

Lasers used in hair removal are normally class 4  therefore relatively high optical densities are required on the laser goggles of 5 or more.  The higher the OD (optical density) the better.

There is sometimes confusion over IPL and Laser systems used in hair removal.  These two different types of systems require different laser eyewear.  Lasers produce very high power levels over very narrow bands of the spectrum such as 810nm and therefore need very high levels of attenuation.  IPL produces a broad range of wavelengths across the visible and infrared parts of the spectrum (~400-1200nm) and therefore require low levels of attenuation across a large part of the spectrum.

More information on laser hair removal goggles can be found via the below link.

If your hair removal machine is an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) then information on these can be found below.