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Laser safety goggles certified to Australian standards

DiOptika provides a stock range of laser safety goggles fully certified to Australian, European and international  laser safety standards: AS/NZS IEC 60825.14:2014, AS/NZS 1336:2014, FDA and EN207/208

The laser goggles are manufactured in the US and have the relevant L ratings specifications marked on the lenses. L ratings are written in a format such as >950-1070 D L6 + IRM LB7 and determines the ability of laser safety goggles to withstand a direct hit from the laser beam for a period of 10 seconds without burning through.  This is required by Australian and European standards.

More comprehensive information on selecting laser safety goggles and the relevant standards can be found via our guide " Five things to consider when picking laser safety glasses"

Alternatively to discuss your laser safety requirements with one of our experts call us on 1300 411 337 or email us at