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Maintaining laser safety goggles

Laser safety goggles come in broadly three types which impacts the ability of them to withstand wear and tear.

Polycarbonate lenses are the most common. These have a dye injected into the polycarbonate material that goes all the way through the lens and absorbs the desire wavelengths they are designed to protect against. They should be stored at room temperature. If there are very light scratches on the surface of the lens (you can tell by running your finger nail over them, if there is no noticeable indent then they will be ok). If there are any gouges or deep scratches then this may adversely impact on the effectiveness of the glasses and they should be discarded.

Glasses lenses can be treated in the same way as polycarbonate lenses.

The last type of goggles are the ones that use a dielectric coating on the surface to protect against specific wavelengths. This type is very sensitive to any scratches as the coating only goes on the surface of the lenses. Any light scratches should be evaluated and discussed with the laser glasses supplier.

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