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New Adjustable Metal Laser Eye Shields

The new IS-020 metal laser eye shields offer a very economical and adjustable option for patient eye protection during laser, IPL or LED procedures.  They offer coverage over all laser, IPL and LED wavelengths from 190nm through to 11,000 nm with an OD (Optical Density) of 7+ which is 10,000,000X attenuation.

The IS-020 laser eye shields have a fully adjustable nose bridge so can pivot out of the way allowing full access between the eyes. The small cup size allows close work around the eye.

For easy hygiene they can be used with standard cotton pads underneath.  More information on the IS-020 laser eye shields can be found via the below link.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us on 1300 411 337 or email us at to talk with one of our laser safety experts.