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New Fitover Holmium Laser Safety Glasses

The new LG-090 dual Holmium 2100nm and CO2 laser safety glasses come in a fitover frame style with adjustable legs that allows prescription glasses to be worn comfortably underneath. 

The LG-090 laser safety glasses provide the below levels of protection against Holmium and CO2 lasers and are available in stock in Australia.

Wavelengths & Optical Density (Marked on Glasses)

2100nm OD 5+ (Holmium Laser) - (OD at 2100nm 5.6)
10600 OD 6+ (CO2 Laser)

L-Ratings (Marked on Glasses)

2100 + 10600 DI LB4

More information can be found via the below link or feel free to contact one of our laser safety experts with your questions.