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Selecting Laser Safety Glasses for 1550nm and 1927nm Fraxel Lasers

Fraxel lasers are typically used in facial rejuvenation and produce laser light with wavelengths of 1550nm and 1927nm.  They produce very high intensity Class 4 laser light.  The wavelength of light produced by Fraxel lasers is well into the infrared so is invisible to the human eye making the use of laser safety glasses vcritical.

To allow the highest visibility and protection at both 1550nm and 1927nm filter glass lens material is used rather than polycarbonate lenses with require a dark dye at these wavelengths.

DiOptika offer the LG-080 and LG-080N Fraxel laser safety glasses which protect against both 1550nm and 1927nm with an OD 5+ which is 100,000X attenuation.  They provide excellent visibility.

More information on the LG-080 and LG-080N Fraxel laser glasses can be found via the below link.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on 1300 411 337  to talk with one of our laser safety experts.