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Wraparound 808 / 810 nm OD 7 Laser safety Glasses | Australia

The LG-016N 810nm laser safety glasses are ideal for use with hair removal lasers with wavelengths of 808 nm and 810 nm.  They provide an OD6+ (1,000,000X attenuation) with an L6 rating.

The LG-016 have adjustable legs and head straps allowing them to fit securely on most head sizes.  They have very high visibility of 61% making them easy to use even in low light levels.  You can see more information and order online via the below link.

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Wavelengths, Optical Densities & Specifications

  • 800-818nm - OD 6+
  • 785-830nm OD 5+
  • 180-390nm OD 5+
  • Visible Light Transmission 61%

CE-EN207 L-Rating

180-315 D L6 + R L4
> 315-390 D L4 + R L6
785-830 D L4 + I L5
800-818 D L5 + I L6