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We offer either reuseable eyeshields or disposable eyeshields for client or patient laser and IPL protection.

Disposable laser eyeshields (Laser-Aid) protect against lasers in the 190-11,000nm wavelength range and come in a pack of 24 pairs. They use a metal film in the eyeshields to give the high level of protection required for laser use (we also offer IPL-Aid for IPL use and LED-Aid for LED use).

We have 3 options for reuseable eyeshields.  The IS-015 which are a matt finish metal eyeshield that come with a lifetime warranty on the frame. They have a small cup size, can be steralised and come with reuseable and replaceable silicon rims and adjustable headstraps.  The IS-015 are the most popular laser / IPL eyeshields we offer.  

The IS-014 are very comfortable eyeshields due to the padded rims and cover all laser and IPL types.  They do have a large cup size which may limit accessibility if working close around the eye.  

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Client Laser Eyeshields (190-11,000nm)

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