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Nd YAG Laser Safety Glasses 532nm / 1064nm

If you are looking for YAG Laser Glasses for 1064nm which is the most common YAG laser wavelength, then the LG-228, LG-001, LG-001N or the LG-001s will provide a high level of protection (OD 7+) as well as excellent visibility ~ 60%. The LG-228, LG-001, LG-001s and LG-001N use a polycarbonate lens making them very lightweight. With a clear lens the LG-228 has excellent performance and protection at 1064nm.  The LG-001, LG-001N and LG-001s provide broader protection than just 1064nm and cover down to 808nm. All options are fully compliant with Australian laser safety standards being EN207 certified with L ratings marked on the glasses.

If you require laser safety glasses that protect against all YAG laser wavelengths then either the LG-003 or LG-003N will provide high protection of OD 7+. The visibility of the LG-003 and LG-003N laser glasses is not quite as high as the 1064nm laser glasses only as they are also required to cut out 532nm (green), which is the part of the visual spectrum the human eye responds to best hence reducing the visibility.

For combined protection against Nd:YAG as well as other laser types the LG-002, LG-002N, LG-080, LG-615 and LG-338 cover 1064nm as well as other laser types.

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