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The IS-015 are the most popular laser and IPL eyeshields.  They have a small cup size that fits into the eye socket allowing for work to done around the eye area.  They are manufactured using high grade metal and come with a lifetime warranty on the frame, so are ideal for regular professional usage.  The IS-015 cover all laser and IPL types from 190-11,000nm and spare headstraps and rims can be purchased when needed. 

If access is required around the nose area then the IS-020 are a good option as the nose piece pivots out the way. 

The IS-010 provide a lower cost alternative to the IS-015 and are suitable for lighter usage. They come with a 12 month warranty.

The IS-014 have a larger cup size (than the IS-015) that fits over the eye socket and have foam rims providing extra comfort for the client.  As the cups are a larger in size access close to the eye is limited.  Replacement nose attachments and foam rims are available.

The Durette IV are top of the range eyeshields that have moveable nose pieces and sides to allow access to all areas around the face. All laser types and IPLs are covered and a full range of replacement parts are available.


Reuseable Eye Shields

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