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We offer a large stock range of professional IPL safety glasses manufactured in the US and Europe.  All glasses are fully certified to Australian, New Zealand and international safety standards.  

IPL Safety glasses come in two broad types: active and passive. 

Active IPL glasses utilise a sensor that detects  the flash of the IPL and a filter material that darkens in response to the flash.  This allows the operator to have good visibility between flashes and a high level of protection from the flash.  More information on the autodarkening glasses can be found by clicking here

Passive IPL glasses use a fixed filter lens that provides a continuous level of attenuation.  These are a lower cost option than the active IPL glasses.  They come in three shade levels.  Shade 3 is the mid shade and is the most popular for operators as it gives a balance between protection and visibility. Shade 2 is the light shade so has twice the visibility than shade 3 and 1/2 the protection level.  Shade 5 are the darkest shade so have 1/2 the visibility than shade 3 and twice the protection. The various options can be see here. 

Contact us on 1300 411 337 to talk with one of our IPL safety experts or send us an enquiry  if you need assistance selecting the most appropriate IPL glasses for your requirements.

Operator IPL Safety Glasses

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